Cotton Skin Color Yarns for Crochet Doll

I have been received a lot of questions about yarns, mostly about skin color yarns for my crochet dolls. I think I already answered about the yarn that has both acrylic and cotton.
But a few months ago, I asked a question on my page about which brand are you using, and I have read some helpful answers, and then I decided to switch to 100% cotton yarn.
I have been trying to test as many yarns as I can, and finally, I found perfect yarns that fit 100% of my style.


I want to share with you my 4 favorite skin tone yarns.

First, the most frequent questions, the peachy flesh skin tones. I am 100% go to Scheepjes Catona 255 (Shell). It has enough pink, orange, yellow in it, and plus a little shiny from mercerized cotton, so it gives me the perfect look for my dolls. Let’s meet my Hazel doll. Her skin color is Catona 255.


Second, let’s say about Catona 502 (Camel) and Catania 437. They are both tan to brown skin tones, but Catania 437 is a little darker than Catona 502. Both are my favorite, so I will use Catona 502 for a brighter tan, and Catania 437 for a darker tan.

And the darkest skin tones, from brown to black, I would go for Catona 157 (Root Bear). Same as other mercerized cotton, even it’s a dark tone, but the doll still looks so bright and perfect with a little glossy skin.


I shared with you my 4 favorite skin color yarns. So please don’t hesitate to let me know which is your favorite! Thanks for reading and have a great day!

P.s: Please note that this post doesn’t associate with any yarn brand. This is just me trying to show you some skin color yarns that I love 😀

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  1. Hi, Thanks for showing this method of getting rid of the wobbly amigurumi doll head. I make 18" dolls. Do I make the arm size of that doll to put inside of the neck?
    1. Hi! You should make a tube 2 or 3 stitches smaller than the neck, it doesn't have to be an arm. And if it's an 18 inches doll, I think you should use harder materials and stuff the tube firmly.
  2. Hi, I love your blog post about skin colour yarns you use, I just wanted to ask in you would consider doing the same but for hair colours too? Like what Catona colours are good for blondes, brunettes, black and red hair dolls? I am hoping to try making one of your dolls this week as I recently purchased one of your patterns. Thank you for taking the time to create your YouTube videos, I have watched all of them already and I know that they are going to be really helpful! Kind regards, Kira
      1. I would also very much like to have some suggestions for yarn colours for the hair - especially for blond hair tones that are not yellow.
  3. I love your work, just made snow white and I am in love!! Where do you buy your yarn? I got some on Amazon but cannot find it sold individual colors, just large mix pack. I am in the untied states
    1. Hi! I don't sell yarn. You can find these brands on some European sites or UK sites like lovecrafts, woolwarehouse, they ship internationally.
  4. Hi Lydia, I am going to attempt making one of your dolls. I like the skin tone catona #255 for my project. However, wherever I look at this yarn, regardless of the website, there is no #255 color. I settled for peach #523.
  5. Hi and thank you for sharing your tips! I use Drops Safran for my amigurumis - it is cheap but also softer and easier for me, who have arthrities in my hands, to crochet with. But I've noticed that their shades change quite much from time to time and that there can be large differences between different die lots. I also struggle to find good Safran skin colours. What do you say about Catania and Catona - do they also differ a lot between the lots?
  6. thank you for the great information on what type of yarn to use. I love making dolls and was having difficulties finding the right shade for different skin tones. Can I buy these yarns online or in the USA would like to try them.

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